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JPR: Nvidia, AMD big losers in Q1 2014

John Peddie Research estimates both Nvidia and AMD lost GPU market share to Intel in the first quarter of the new year.


Typically the first quarter of the year is always a tough one for GPU sales, and this year was no exception. Perhaps compounded by the fact that most GPUs are simply already good enough for the vast majority of gamers, both Nvidia and AMD had shipment declines in the double digits according to a note posted Monday by John Peddie Research.


According to JPR’s report AMD’s overall unit shipments decreased 18.2 percent quarter-over-quarter, while Nvidia’s shipments decreased 10.4. Breaking down the numbers, AMD’s shipments of desktop APUs decreased by 21.9 percent from the previous quarter, and 3.7 percent in notebooks. AMD’s discrete desktop shipments decreased 6.6 percent and notebook discrete shipments declined 21.8 percent.

For Nvidia, JPR estimates  Nvidia’s desktop discrete shipments decreased 6.6 percent from last quarter while notebook discrete shipments decreased 14.5 percent. Nvidia’s overall PC graphics shipments decreased 10.4 percent.

Intel wasn’t spared from this slump either, with the chip maker’s processor shipments decreasing 5.1 percent from the quarter prior, and notebook chip shipments slumping by 9.7 percent. The company’s overall PC graphics shipments decreased 7.9 percent.

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Though Intel wasn’t exempt from the downward trend that hit all the major technology players, it did finish the quarter with the highest market share in the graphics chip market at 66.8 percent. Next came AMD at 16.7 percent, then Nvidia at 16.6 percent.

Source: John Peddie Research


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