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Jony Ive reportedly brought in Apple’s marketing team to design iOS 7 icons

It has only been a couple of days since Apple unveiled iOS 7 at Worldwide Developers Conference 2013. What is arguably the biggest iOS update they’ve ever made, this update was actually being spearheaded by Jony Ive, best known for his work on industrial design of Apple products. He reportedly brought in Apple’s marketing team to help with iOS 7 icon design.

Apple iOS 7 press shot

Multiple sources who allegedly have knowledge of the matter claim that instead of the app design team, Apple’s web marketing and print design team were brought in to decide the color palette and look of iOS 7 stock app icons. App design teams were then called in to work while using those palettes as a guide. There wasn’t reportedly much communication between these two groups, and each group had multiple teams, which seems to be the reason why the design language of app icons seems to be a bit inconsistent.

It is also being claimed that work on the design and development of iOS 7 is currently going ahead at full speed, and that what Apple showed off at its keynote is actually a work in progress. The builds shown off during the WWDC 2013 presentation are supposedly newer than iOS 7 beta 1 that has already been pushed out to developers. What this means is that we can expect major changes to be made to iOS 7 during the beta period, a 35% to 40% change in visual design has been rumored. So by the time public release takes place this fall, a number of substantial changes are likely to be made in Apple’s latest iOS update.

Source: [TheNextWeb]

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