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Jonathan Blow speaks out against Microsoft’s Xbox One server claims

The always outspoken Jonathan Blow has offered his opinion on Microsoft's 300K server claim that was touted during their Xbox One reveal.  Spoiler alert: He isn't happy.

There were many controversies coming out of Microsoft’s big Xbox One reveal event, but one thing that hasn’t been talked about much amidst all the debate between used games, always-online, and whatever else gamers seem mad at these days was Microsoft’s claim that they will have 300 thousand servers ready the next-generation console.

One indie developer who has never held his tongue when it comes to business practices he dislikes is Jonathan Blow. The name should ring a bell because he was the creator of popular indie title Braid, and was also at Sony’s PS4 event to announce a timed-exclusive title called The Witness.

He has taken to twitter to lambaste Microsoft on their server claims and is essentially criticizing them for being liars.  Here are the important excerpts.  For those unfamiliar with Twitter, these are meant to be read from the bottom to the top.

After being criticized for being on Microsoft's case and being "worked up" over this issue, Blow offered the following the statement that simply explains his stance on this subject.

Considering recent news of how Microsoft's new console doesn't cater to indie developers as much as Nintendo and Sony's next-generation consoles, there has been a lot disappointment expressed by those developers in recent weeks. Jonathan Blow also reminded people on twitter that in the past he criticized Sony for their bad practices as well, and that he isn't interested in picking any side other than the side of "reasonable people".

The implication here is that Microsoft would possibly be using money they receive from subscription costs to create virtual servers rather than dedicated servers, which would not boast the performance claims that Microsoft suggests, and that Microsoft is also disingeuous in the way the information is presented when they say they will have 300K servers. There is also a possibility that they'll cover the costs through the use of information mining and advertising, something companies like Microsoft (and Google) are quite familiar with.

The last bit is unconfirmed, as no one but Microsoft knows for sure what they're planning with their servers, or what kind they will be. It's not unreasonable to be at least a little suspcious, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear the truth before this becomes yet another story that spins out of control.

Source: Jonathan Blow's Twitter Via: Destructoid

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