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Job opening suggests Sony might bring speech recognition to PlayStation

A new job opening at Sony suggests that the company is developing speech recognition for its new PlayStation products.

TheNextWeb picked up some interesting news about a new job opening at Sony. Reading the job description suggests one really exciting piece of news, Sony might be working on speech recognition support for their new PlayStation products. The job opening (posted on LinkedIn) is titled "Speech Recognition Engineering Intern" who will be responsible for assisting the team in developing speech detection as well as signal processing in noisy environments this summer.

Note, robust speech feature, speech enhancements and processing of noisy speech

Sadly there's no mention as to which platform this new feature is being developed for, although we strongly suspect that it is for the upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming console. There's a slight chance that Sony backports this new feature to their older PS3 hardware as well as PS Vita (stronger likelihood on the PS Vita). The PlayStation 4 contoller has a new lightbar (design trait) that houses a double-camera (suitably) dubbed the PlayStation 4 Eye peripheral. Sony revealed that the Eye comes with four-channel microphone array which could end up being the hardware used for picking up speech (and its subsequent recognition). This new development is more of a competitive one rather than pure innovation, considering Microsoft's strong push into voice-enabled commands with their Kinect peripheral enabled on the Xbox 360.

The posting is for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Interested candidates should apply soon (and most definitely report back to us with saucy details) before the job's gone!

Source: TheNextWeb

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