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Japanese create genuine ‘Smell-O-Vision’

Watching those cooking shows might be a lot different if we could smell what’s cooking on the screen.  Now Japanese scientists says they have created a genuine working ‘smell-o-vision’ TV that might let you do just that!

For many years television viewers and personalities alike have joked about how they wished they had a TV where you could smell what was happening on the screen.   Imagine watching a popular cooking program and you can actually smell the steak searing on the grill or the vegetables frying in the wok? Now those days are here to an extent thanks to some Japanese scientists from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.  

A live demo of the product was on display at last month’s IEEE Virtual Reality conference, which took place last month in Orlando, Florida. A description of the smelling screen read in part, “The smelling screen is a new olfactory display that can generate a localized odor distribution on a two-dimensional display screen.  The generated odor distribution is as if an odor source had been placed on the screen, and leads the user to perceive the odor as emanating from a specific region of the screen.”

As one might guess the smelling screen works with different fans placed in special regions around the screen.  The aroma being produced doesn’t come from any of the fans but from at the bottom of the screen.  As the aroma rises, the fans, which are only gently blowing, give the illusion that the smell magically appears from a specific area of the screen as you sit in front of it.

The screen is only in its experimental stages but may in the future be used by doctors to study human senses in controlled laboratory experiments.  However, any chances for the home consumer getting one is highly unlikely.

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