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Japan Display Inc Unveils Revolutionary New Display

Japan Display Inc. has unvelied a display that reportedly blows other high-definition displays, including Apple's Retina display, out of the water.

A new breakthrough has occurred in small form-factor screens with a new direct-view display created by Japan Display Inc. The screen manages to pack twice as many pixels into the same space as a current iPhone screen, leading to double the resolution of the highly-praised Retina display. This creates a display far sharper than any display currently on the market.

At 1280×800 pixels, the makers of this new milestone have managed to pack some very tiny liquid crystals into the display to produce such a resolution on a 2.3-inch screen. The company reportedly used polysilicon TFTs as the driver elements while making the screens, which had to be manufactured in a low-temperature environment. In addition to smoothing out jagged edges, as would be expected from a higher-resolution display, JDI representatives said that text characters are sharper and images cause viewers to experience sensations similar to those that would be experienced when looking at objects in the real world.

Some argue that the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and 4S reached the peak of what is discernible with the human eye. In response, JDI conducted tests with an undisclosed group of subjects; they determined that viewers were able to see the difference, with subjects reporting that images were clearer or sharper than other high-resolution displays. JDI said that, after these studies, this new technology should mark a new LCD display milestone, adding that the image produced is comparable to film-based photography equipment.

Some analysts are hailing the new screen as the death knell for the personal computer, although it’s only a matter of time before manufacturers incorporate these displays into not only mobile phones and tablets, but also laptops and desktop monitors.

JDI said they would provide more information, along with a demonstration of the new technology, at the 2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition.

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