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Jabra EXTREME2 Review: Lightweight Bluetooth headset that is extremely easy to use

The Jabra EXTREME2 is a portable Bluetooth headset that is ideal for mobile users who want hands-free convenience. With the inclusion of a car charger in the package, it provides convenience for users to charge the headset when he or she is driving. The successor to the Jabra EXTREME also comes with improved features including Noise Blackout 3.0 noise cancellation technology that works quite well, and automatic volume control that can adjust the headset's volume to suit your environment instantly. It is extremely easy to use, and can fit the ear of most users with the different sized eargels provided. The female voice guidance makes it easy to monitor the status of the headset – whether it is powered on, connected to the smartphone, or running low on battery. We wished there was a way to lower the volume of the voice guide though.

While Bluetooth headsets are typically ranged between S$30 to over S$100, depending on the brand and features offered, the Jabra EXTREME2 has a price tag of S$128, which is slightly over the top. (And a bit higher than the Plantronics Marque M155 that we have reviewed in January). But Jabra has been in the headset business for almost two decades, which means that you can trust the EXTREME2 to offer good reliability, functionality and features for hands-free conversation. Check it out.

Category Comments Score
Aesthetics (10%)

The Jabra EXTREME2 is compact and portable enough to keep in your pants or shirt pocket when not in use.

Features (20%)

It features Noise Blackout 3.0 which claim to minimize ambient noise, automatic volume control, and a female voice guidance that can talk you through the setup and daily operation.

Performance (30%)

We can have a clear conversation with the other party, even when we were at a fairly noisy location. Even music streaming from the smartphone sounded crisp.

Usability (30%) The EXTREME2 is very easy to set up and use. Simply charge the headset, slide the power switch to green, and enable Bluetooth on your smartphone to pair it. You can choose to answer, reject or end call by pressing the Answer/end call button. 8.0
Price/Package (10%) At S$128, the Jabra EXTREME2 is a bit pricey. But if you are looking for a reliable and portable Bluetooth headset that lets you have clear hands-free conversation, look no further. 7.0


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