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JABRA announces SPEAK410 USB speakerphone for instant Skype conferencing-on-the-go

Are you a heavy Skype user? Well, if you are, Jabra might have just the thing you need to help facilitate the setting up of an instant, hands-free VoIP call for all your mobile Internet telephony needs, and it comes in the form of its new Skype-certified SPEAK410 USB speakerphone. Which, the company claims, is designed to allow users the luxury of making "instant Skype conference calls or virtual meetings anywhere, anytime", and then some.

Are you a road warrior whose job involves a large chunk of computing time while on the move, of which making online phone calls to clients takes up a significant portion of that computing time? Well, if that sounds a lot like what you do on a regular basis, you might just be interested in what JABRA has got to offer, for the company has just announced the availability of its new SPEAK410 USB speakerphone, which is designed to grant mobile professionals the ability to engage in instant, hands-free "Skype conference calls or virtual meetings anywhere, anytime".

According to the press released that was issued by JABRA, the SPEAK410 is a "small, portable, and a powerful must-have device with High Definition Voice" that has been rigorously tested and certified by Skype. In fact, all users have to do is to simply "plug the integrated USB cable to your laptop or PC" that is connected to a broadband network "at home, office or anywhere wirelessly" and they will be ready to "easily set up 1-on-1 or small group conference calls over Skype or any VoIP client to talk with co-workers, family or friends".

In addition, JABRA has claimed that the audiophiles will not have to worry about dealing with "unproductive VoIP calls affected by echo and clarity issues", as the SPEAK410’s support for HD Voice sound is capable of ensuring that one's online conversation will remain extremely clear at all times. Furthermore, the device's built-in echo-cancellation technology will further enhance the user experience by  finessing one's enunciation, thus allow users to hear the different tones without distortions. 

For those who are wondering about the SPEAK410's technical specifications, we have attached the device's spec sheet here for you to take a look at:

Sounds good? Well, we have got even better news for you, especially if you are itching to get your hands on one: JABRA has confirmed that the SPEAK410 USB speakerphone is already available for sale at the recommended retail price for S$218 and can be purchased at Challenger, EpiCentre, NuBox stores and other authorized resellers in Singapore.

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