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IWILL ZMax d2 Dual Opteron SLI SFF Review

Let’s open her up and take a look at the internals!

Here, you see the Opterons side by side, each being cooled by
a heat-pipe cooler with full copper fins.

The main heatsink on the the processor is actually rather flat
to keep the whole setup low profile. To be able to cope with the heat-load from
the CPUs, the main heatsink needs to transfer the heat away quickly and this
is done via the copper heat-pipes, 3 from each main sink. The heat pipe from
one processor bends to the left while the other to the right.

The pipes pass on the heat to a tower of neatly and tightly
pack copper fins. The end result is you get 2 tower of copper fins next to each
other. And to dissipate the heat from the fins, air flow pulled through them
is used. And where does this hot air go?

Well, they exhaust out to the power supply and out from the
power supply into your room naturally.


Here you see the tight plcaement of the Video Card to the
copper tower.


Well one of the key ingredients that go into a successful SFF is the thermal
mangement due to the challenge of spcial constraints. So we definitely want
to look into this and see how well the ZMax d2 handles the heat.

This was done by monitoring temperatures taken on multiple thermal probes at
multiple strategic locations. You can read about this in the later part of this

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