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iWatch will reportedly come in different screen sizes for men and women

Apple may launch two variants of the iWatch next year if an analyst is to be believed, with different screen sizes for men and women.


Recent reports suggest that Apple will focus on wearable devices next year. Last month CEO Tim Cook said that the company will break into new product categories next year, which some take as an indication of the impending iWatch launch. Apple is yet to comment on its smartwatch plans as yet, but a lot has already been rumored about the device. The latest comes from DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh, who claims that the iWatch for men will have a 1.7 inch display whereas the one for women will have a 1.3 inch display.

It hasn’t been said if displays on both iWatch models will be flexible, though some expect that they might be, seeing as how Apple would want to upstage Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the process. The iWatch will reportedly also be lighter and more energy efficient than its rivals. Information about internal specifications is scarce as of now, but it has been rumored that perhaps LG would supply the OLED displays that will go into the iWatch.

It goes without saying that based on these rumors alone one can’t form a notion of what Apple’s first smartwatch might turn out to be. For all we know, Apple might be testing iWatch prototypes with 1.7 inch and 1.3 inch displays, and it could end up launching the one that makes more sense. Apple hasn’t commented on the rumors, and it can’t be expected to.

Source: The Korea Herald

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