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iWatch might come with flexible batteries, patent hints

An Apple patent, filed in December 2011, hints at the possibility that the company’s much rumored iWatch might come with flexible batteries that will be shaped to fit its form factor.


The patent itself describes flexible battery packs that will be made up of different cells that are connected through a laminate layer, allowing the battery back to be conformed to an electronic device’s shape. Apple says in the patent application that conventional solutions like lithium-ion batteries are rigid and bending them frequently is likely to cause damage to the cells leading to battery failure. Thus the need for flexible batteries that can be designed to fit the shape of the device they’re supposed to power. Apple doesn’t limit this creation to just watches, it says that the solution can also be used in laptop computers, calculators, tablets as well as music players.

It has also been mentioned in the patent that certain cells may be removed from these battery packs to make space for a camera, theromelectric cooler etc, which will also allow the battery to fit tightly in a small space. Since there will be an isolated flexible cell arrangement, it will be a safeguard against the possibility of failure due to environmental factors such as dust and moisture.

There have been many rumors that Apple is working on a smartwatch that is the iWatch. The company reportedly has over 100 designers working on this device which is rumored to be released next year. Apple has already filed for the iWatch trademark in a number of countries around the world, thus escalating rumors about this particular device.

Source: [Macrumors]

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