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iTunes app not coming to Windows 8 marketplace any time soon

Microsoft CFO Tami Reller says they have requested that Apple make an iTunes app for the 'Metro' interface. If it does happen, it all it won't be for quite some time.

In news that won’t surprise anybody, Microsoft has just admitted that an iTunes app for Windows 8’s ‘Metro UI’ is not coming any time soon. Microsoft's CFO for the Windows division, Tami Reller, spoke with CNN and revealed that Microsoft has spoken to Apple about creating an iTunes app for Windows 8, but then went on to say that it won’t be coming anytime soon.

Of course this doesn’t mean all hope is lost for Windows 8 users.  iTunes 11 is still completely compatible with the regular desktop mode of the OS. Though it is interesting to know that Microsoft is pursuing the creation of the app, which serves as a reminder that Microsoft is doubling down on ‘Metro’, and if it’s going to be their future, they certainly require one of the world’s most popular content stores.
At first glance it doesn’t seem like a big deal, considering anybody with Windows 8 can just go into desktop mode if need be.  It’s important, however, to remember that there are some who are using tablets that are running Windows 8 RT, which won’t allow you to use iTunes in desktop mode, and clearly doesn’t have it available in the app store, and wont for quite some time.
Apple’s track record is a bit spotty when it comes to PC support; there are many that criticize the application that is already available for Windows.  So if Apple were to create a completely touch based version of their store for Windows, it’s easy to imagine that they would take their sweet time doing so. 
On the other hand, there is a good chance that Apple doesn’t comply at all, considering the Surface is their competition, and releasing iTunes for it would only help it become a more complete product, something I’m sure they would want to avoid if they could. Bottom line is, don’t get your hopes up.
Source: CNN Via: Macrumors

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