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iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1 Review

New features were announced in this new update and most of them are pretty obvious. Lets take a look

A refreshed interface
Calling it a brand new interface will seem a lil overdoing but in general, the iTunes 9.0 interface gets a refresh. Everything looks cleaner. It is subjective though as there are definitely mixed reactions between the previous and the current interface.

Home Sharing
Think of it as a means of sharing your music up to 5 computers, streaming songs from another computer’s library as long as it’s on the same wired or wireless network.

You can also download those songs to your own library if the
original buyer enters his iTunes Store password onto your computer.

iTunes U
Educational resources on iTunes, not a new feature but it gets a prominent spot in the App store.

Genius Mixes
A new feature that searches your iTunes library, finds songs that go
great together, and creates multiple mixes you’ll love. All

Improved Syncing of Your iPhone / iPod
Organise your applications in iTunes itself once your iPhone or iPod Touch is connected. Sync options have also improved. Performance-wise, still pretty much the same.

iTunes LP
Download select albums and experience a beautifully designed,
interactive world right in your iTunes library on a Mac or PC.  iTunes music store downlad is only available in selected regions

Embracing Social media
I am not able to confirm this though, perhaps due to our region that iTunes store is not available but from sources found in search engines, iTunes Store now has buttons to easily send messages on Facebook and Twitter about your favorite songs and videos.

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