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iTunes 11.1 beta seeded to developers, finally brings iTunes Radio

Apple has now seeded iTunes 11.1 beta to developers. The latest beta of iTunes finally brings the anticipated iTunes Radio service, which Apple unveiled last month at WWDC 2013.


Apple today seeded iOS 7 beta 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Beta firmware is seeded to developers only, this is done so that any bugs can be ironed out before releasing the firmware for the public. Apple says that it will release iOS 7 to the public this fall, when it does that it will also release a new version of iTunes. iTunes 11.1 beta, which was seeded today, lets developers access iTunes Radio on their computers. The service itself will be launched to the public this fall.

iTunes Radio, previously widely referred to as iRadio, is Apple’s new music streaming service. It is essentially the same as Pandora and Apple would no doubt try to capitalize on its huge iOS user base to increase iTunes Radio’s adoption numbers in comparison with Pandora. Up till now the service had only been enabled on iOS 7 beta devices, now the new iTunes beta brings it to conventional computers as well.

The service allow users to create their own radio stations or listen to music from popular stations. If they like any song, it can be purchased through the iTunes Store. There’s no word as yet on the exact release date of iOS 7, according to rumors the release might take place this September. iTunes Radio will go live for everyone around the exact same time.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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