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It’s on: Amazon’s new Kindle Fire line to sport mind-blowing specs (Snapdragon 800 and more)

So you think the new Nexus 7 is impressive, huh? After all, it sports a super-crisp display, runs the latest Android version, packs 2 GB RAM and weighs an incredible 290 grams. Plus, it’s dirt-cheap. But how about you hold off for a couple months before deciding to buy or skip it?

Kindle Fire

Why would you do that? Simple, because Amazon is tipped to unleash a “full-blown inferno” soon enough. We heard a few hesitant whispers about that three weeks ago and now BGR is back with an even bigger scoop on what could well revolutionize the tablet market altogether.

Are you ready for this? Of course not. Nobody is. Not Google, not Asus, not Apple and not Samsung. So you’d better be sitting down while reading this – Amazon’s trio of next-gen Kindle Fires are all believed to pack Snapdragon 800 power.

You know, the quad-core chips that everybody in the mobile world is so excited about and that are yet to power a single tab. Not to mention they seem to be considerably faster than Snapdragon 600 and S4 Pro chips, at least inside smartphones.


But wait, there’s more. Not in relation to the Snapdragon 800, but regarding the upcoming Kindle Fires. The 7-inch HD model is said to boast a 1,920 x 1,200 pix res panel, while the 8.9-incher could come with a 2,560 x 1,600 display in tow. And all while packing 2 GB RAM, front facing cameras, optional cellular connectivity and 16, 32 and 64 GB storage options.

Do I have the attention of all spec junkies out there? Good, because the upcoming 8.9-inch Fire HD is also expected to feature an 8 MP rear snapper. On top of it all, there will be the traditionally skinned version of Android (4.2 Jelly Bean this time) for all three new Fires, plus improved designs, with thinner bezels and slender profiles all around.

Wait, did I say “on top of it all”? No, the real “on top of it all” part is, despite all these impressive boost and bumps, Amazon is “trying hard to maintain its current tablet price points”. Can you imagine being able to score a Snapdragon 800-powered 7-incher for, say, $230? Sounds bonkers, but BGR is an online publication whose confidential sources are more often than not right on the money.

Via [BGR]

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