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IT SHOW 2010: The Coverage


It’s a green world at Level 3. As usual, StarHub has set up their (mega)booth right beside the escalator, and it spans all the way deep inside into the various meeting rooms.

Their ads are really big; StarHub is ready to grab customers still stuck with competitors’ mobile/broadband/TV plans.

StarHub is offering their TV Starter Pack from $19.26/mth at the show. Subscribers will get up to 26 channels, and a free home phone line with unlimited local calls.

For those looking for complete entertainment solutions, the Home Hubbing Pack offers cable TV, 8Mbps home broadband, as well as 1Mbps mobile broadband. Subscription starts at $59.92/mth. An $81.92/mth option is available as well for faster 12Mbps home broadband, and extra cable TV channels.

If you’re here at the IT SHOW to hunt for good value deals, StarHub has a 2Mbps home broadband and 1.2Mbps mobile broadband plan for $26.96/mth, and you get a free home phone line to go with it too.

If speed is your thing, at $99.30/mth you get a 100Mbps home broadband line, 7.2Mbps mobile broadband, and a FREE Lenovo IdeaCentre A300 PC. But that’s not all the goodies StarHub has, pop by their booth to check out the rest of the stuff including mobile phone deals.



The Japanese giant that produced the earliest working Blu-ray player was all decked out across the other side of Level 3. No doubt the focus this year for the player division was to switch consumers to Blu-ray by making players affordable. The BDP-S360 is going for $329, and comes with a free Blu-ray copy of “This Is It.”

The Bravia TVs were put across for consumers to compare. Full HD sets were the order of the day. 



The mystery room. 3D demonstration, distinctly Japanese in presentation. 

Dream on, audiophiles. No SACD for you!


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