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It is official: Nexus One is sold out for good

Well, we did inform you to get your Nexus One quickly if you wanted one, because Google was going to pull the plug on it at any time. And it seemed that the search giant had finally made its move: effective today, the Nexus One will cease to be offered for sale on its website.

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We cannot say that no one saw this coming: after all, Google had been very open about its intentions to cease selling its flagship Nexus One smartphone for quite a while now. But what most of us probably did not expect was the speed in which the search giant moved to clear out its last shipment and declare the phone officially sold out.

In fact, if you were to visit Google’s online store for the Nexus One, you would be greeted by a rather somber message informing visitors that the Nexus One is no longer available for sale directly from Google, although it does provide a helpful link on how to obtain one through Vodafone. That is all nice and good, except for one simple problem: Vodafone has no business operations in Singapore, so for the most part, the Nexus One is indeed officially sold out in Singapore.

Of course, considering its relatively short life of eight months, we would probably not be surprised to see the Nexus One being valued as some kind of ‘limited edition’ phone now: after all, it was a great phone while it lasted (save for the initial 3G connectivity issues), and it did set the bar for future Android-powered phones to build on.

Source: Google

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