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Is this Motorola’s upcoming Atrix 2 smartphone?

Well, look at what the rumour mill has started churning out recently. Apparently, leaked photographs of what appears to be a smartphone that bears more than just a passing semblance to the recently-launched Motorola Atrix smartphone have started circulating online, thanks to a recent report that was published by a website known as UnwiredView.com. But could this really be the highly anticipated successor to the Atrix?

Is Motorola currently working on a successor to its Atrix smartphone that was released some time back to some fanfare? Well, the truth is that this is a question which only Motorola themselves can answer, although it would seem that the rumour mill is keen on proving that there is indeed an "Atrix 2" in the works, and have even managed to provide some decent (read: non-Blurrycam) images of that alleged phone, as can be seen below.

As one would have expected, the alleged "Atrix 2" smartphone bears a strong resemblance to the original Atrix smartphone, but with some cosmetic differences. According to a report published by UnwiredView, the "Atrix 2" sports an eight megapixel camera which is reportedly capable of capturing videos at full high-definition resolutions (aka 1080p), and the cosmetic differences consist of a missing MotoBlur logo, the repositioning of the 3.5mm jack, the power button and the AT&T logo, while a redesigned earpiece rounds up the list of aforementioned differences.

That being said, we cannot help but have some doubts that this Atrix-like smartphone is indeed the successor to the original Atrix smartphone, if only because of a certain telltale sign in this image below, but that is most probably just us. Either way, if you want to know what is that specific sign which triggered our suspicion, take a very close look at the empty space between the Motorola and AT&T logos: can you make out the presence of what appears to be faint words that read "Sony Ericsson V6"?

Source: UnwiredView

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