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iPod Touch Is Apple’s New Smartphone?

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch portable media player looks like a slimmer version of the iPhone in terms of design, except that it can only do video call via a Wi-Fi connection and not make calls. But what if you can make calls on your iPod Touch? Well, that could be possible as the company was reported to have applied a patent for an accessory that allows the media player to make calls.

Everytime there’s a new Apple product, there’s bound to be some new additional features incorporated. Like the iPod Nano, the fifth generation music player has a new integrated video camera while the latest generation features a multi-touch display.

For the latest iPod Touch, it comes with retina display and two cameras – one for FaceTime video calling (via Wi-Fi connectivity) and the other for photos and HD video recording. But no phone call capability for the portable media player that resembles its iPhone sibling.

According to online sources, Apple is applying for a patent on an accessory that could allow iPod Touch to make phone calls, thus making it a smartphone like the iPhone. We can only wait and see when such accessory will be available and how good it is compared to the iPhone. At least, for iPod Touch users, it could be a great smartphone alternative.

Source: TopTechReviews

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