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iPhones with sapphire displays to hit the market next year

According to a JPMorgan analyst Apple isn’t going to release iPhones with sapphire displays this year instead its setting up the stage for 2015.

iPhone 6

There is no shortage of reports and rumors about Apple replacing Corning’s Gorilla Glass with sapphire displays in the iPhone 6. While the company hasn’t confirmed if the change is going to happen, word on the street is that Apple is definitely going with sapphire this time around. But JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall begs to differ. According to Hall since the manufacturing process for sapphire displays hasn’t been streamlined as yet therefore Apple isn’t going to go ahead with the change this year.

A recent report claimed that Apple is undecided about whether or not it wants to unveil an iPhone with sapphire display this September. Apparently the company’s apprehension is due to the rise in the iPhone’s price that customers will have to bear. On the other hand a conflicting report claimed that Apple’s supplier GT Advanced Technologies has a new process which makes it cheaper to develop sapphire displays however that process isn’t reportedly ready for mainstream production.

After checking with sources based in the supply chain, Hall believes that Apple may only release an iPhone with sapphire displays in limited quantities this year. And if it doesn’t want to do that then iPhone fans will have to wait for 2015 at the very least to see sapphire displays.

As usual Apple has not commented on this so its best to take this analyst’s prediction with a grain of salt.

Source: AppleInsider

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