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iPhone robber in China sends handwritten contact list back to the victim

A person was robbed of his iPhone in China and after a few days he received a handwritten list of all his contacts, over 1000, sent by the thief.

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It is certainly not unusual for people to get their phones stolen. It happens in every part of the world and one can only chalk it down to bad luck or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. When a phone does get stolen, the victims can almost never expect to find the device again, let alone all the data they had in it. This rather unusual incident happened in China when the thief decided to write down over 1,000 of the victim’s contacts on 11 pages and send it to him.

The victim, Zou Bin, said that after he realized his phone had been stolen, he sent a text message to his own phone warning the robber that he knew who he was because apparently both of them had shared a taxi in China’s central province of Hunan. He also threatened the robber that he would find him and that what would ensue would not be pleasant. The threats might have motivated the robber enough, as he wrote down all of the contacts and sent them back with the SIM card to Zou.

As far as the iPhone is concerned, the robber hasn’t sent it back to Zou as yet, and it seems that the threats might not nudge him to do so after all.

Source: The Independent

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