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iPhone owners spend 55% more time using their devices than Android owners


There’s been a lot of talk on market share in recent history as a kind of bragging right for whatever manufacturer it is you support most.  Obviously, Android has been leading the way on that front, considering the insane amount of devices there are floating around running that operating system. More so than Apple’s few iPhone models.

One thing Apple has continuously noted about the lack of market share from their perspective is two things.  One is that they sell the more phones than any single manufacturer; and two, they also own the lion’s share of the web traffi,c and their users simply use their mobile devices more than others.

A new update on smartphone usage data by Experian backs up the second claim. It shows that iPhone owners spend 26 more minutes per day on their device compared to Android owners. At 75 minutes, iPhone owners spend 55% more time on their device than Android owners do at 49 minutes.


The study also mentions that while Android users spend most of their time making regular phone calls, iPhone owners lead in texting, emails, camera usage, and social networking. There are obviously many theories for why this is the case considering how many Android phones there are out in the wild, but the most reasonable explanation is that a lot of those phones were only bought because they were $0. Many who are looking to buy a phone for a price that cheap are just looking for something to make calls with and not a lot more.

There used to be a stigma that the iPhone was only used by mothers and fathers but this information shows that it’s actually the more savvy bunch who use it most.  These are always interesting statistics to look at.

Source: Experian Via: Apple Insider

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