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iPhone location tracking lawsuit from 2011 finally dismissed

A class action lawsuit filed against Apple in 2011 for alleged tracking of an iOS devices’ location has finally been dismissed.


It was discovered back in 2011 that iOS devices were collecting and storing location data. Basically the devices were storing cell tower location and Wi-Fi network data which would allow the device to track itself more precisely than the GPS. This lead to concerns about users’ privacy being at risk, given the fact that the data was also being sent to the computer if a user connected their device to it. Back then, Apple said that this behavior was due to a bug in iOS and that it was not intentionally collecting information about the location of its iOS devices.

After the bug came to light, Apple rolled out iOS 4.3.3 to fix it. However a class action lawsuit was filed again in the company in which plaintiffs argued that even when Location Services was turned off, the device would still collection location data. This, according to the plaintiffs, harmed the device’s performance by taking up additional storage space and straining battery life. Plaintiffs also alleged that iOS had been designed to transmit location data to third-party app developers, however Apple denied these claims.

Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the plaintiffs had failed to show the existence of a genuine issue of material fact based on which the lawsuit could proceed, there exists no standing to pursue the claims against Cupertino.

Source: Reuters

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