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iPhone Lite might already be under initial production at Pegatron’s facility in China

A new report reveals that initial production of Apple’s much rumored iPhone Lite might have already begun at one of Pegatron’s facilities in China. Pegatron has mass produced iPhones for Apple in the past as well.


Earlier today we featured a report from a New York based non-profit called China Labor Watch. The organization alleges that Pegatron is abusing its workers in China. They have pointed out several violations in their report, including poor working conditions and blockage of pay as well as ID cards. The same report contains a section in which a worker describers their typical day at a Pegatron facility. It is in this section of the report that we see clear references to the iPhone Lite.

Titled “A day in Pegatron,” this particular section of the organization’s report includes the worker’s account of their daily routine. The worker describes that one of their tasks is to apply a protective film on the plastic back of an iPhone so that it can resists scratches on the assembly line. No iPhone being produced right now has a plastic back, though iPhone Lite has been rumored multiple times to have a plastic back. That same worker has also been cited as saying that this device is currently in initial production, Pegatron is yet to begin mass production, but the worker believes Apple will release it in the market soon.

Given all of the leaks we have seen recently, it is now tough to consider that a low cost iPhone isn’t going to be released by Apple in the coming months. However, we must wait for Apple’s official announcement, for all we know Pegatron could be producing a prototype that Apple is working on.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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