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iPhone ‘halo’ effect to help Apple capture 11 percent of enterprise market next year

The “halo” effect of Apple’s most successful product is expected to provide a significant boost in the surge of enterprise market share in 2015.

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The folks at Forrester Research recently conducted a study and found that eight percent of all global businesses and governments spent money on Apple products back in 2012, a substantial increase as opposed to 2009, when the figure was just at one percent. It warrants mentioning here that these numbers don’t include the iPhone. Forrester Research believes that this number will swell to 11 percent by 2015, primarily due to the “halo” effect brought on by products like the iPhone, which act as the perfect entryway into the world of Apple products, particularly at enterprises which operate a BYOD or bring-your-own-device policy.

This certainly isn’t an unusual phenomenon. It is well known that the iPod was pivotal in driving Mac sales, coaxing new consumers to jump on the Apple bandwagon. It makes sense, given the iPhone’s popularity, that it too is driving a significant number of sales, particularly in enterprise and government. The report mentions Cisco, one-quarter of the notebooks that it has provided its employees with are Macs. iPhones and iPads make up for more than three quarters of the over 70,000 registered devices on Cisco’s network. The company opted for a BYOD policy back in 2009.

Moreover, Apple has been focusing on making encryption and security on its devices strong in a bid to appeal more to governments, only last year the iPhones and iPads received clearance from the Pentagon. Apple has often talked about its push into the enterprise market, and the company now specifically outlines the various business and safety features of its mobile products.

Source: WSJ

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