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iPhone bursts into flames inside teenager’s pocket, causes burns

An iPhone burst into flames inside the pants pocket of a 13 year old student from Maine, causing first and second degree burns.


According to school officials who spoke with a local affiliate of ABC News, the teenager was carrying the phone in her pants pocket. A student of eighth grade, she first heard a pop and then smoke began to billow from her pockets, school principal Jeff Rodman told WMTW-TV in Portland, Maine. Two classmates of the student then rushed to her aid while another went outside to alert staff as well as bring an extinguisher and a fire blanket. The phone fell out as classmates were helping her out of her pants.

The girl was then transferred to the Southern Maine Medical Center, where she was treated for first and second degree burns, and released later. Fire officials are investigating the incident, though they praised the girl for remembering to “stop, drop and roll,” a drill that aims to curtail fire related injuries.

While its not common for Apple products to just spontaneously burst into flames, its not like this hasn’t happened before. Back in 2011 an iPhone 4 caught on fire mid-air during a flight, wereas multiple reports of iPhones and iPod touchs combusting on their own mid-flight were reported in several EU countries in 2009. Apple is yet to comment, and its not entirely clear what caused her iPhone to catch fire. The model has not been described in the report.

Source: ABC News

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