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iPhone 6L shell compared to smaller iPhone 6 model

Purported images of shells of the two iPhone 6 models have appeared online comparing both of them side by side.


For the past few months now we have been constantly hearing rumors that Apple is going to release two new iPhone models this year, just like it did back in 2013. However this year it is expected to make the biggest change yet to its smartphones. Both models are believed to have significantly larger displays, the numbers floating in the rumor mill are 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches.

Recent rumors have claimed that the latter may be called the iPhone 6L whereas the 4.7-inch model may simply be called the iPhone 6. Today some pictures have been posted online which show alleged metal shells of both smartphones compared side by side, giving us a glimpse of just how they will both look once they are ultimately revealed.


The source which put these pictures on the internet claims that these parts were obtained straight from within Apple’s supply chain which is primarily based in Asia. While leaks and rumors coming in from that region are nothing new, it is always hard to verify them since information about Apple’s suppliers isn’t easily obtainable.

The iPhone 6L and the iPhone 6 are believed to have the same specifications, but its possible that the iPhone 6L may have a processor that’s clocked at a slightly higher speed and perhaps a bigger battery as well. Apple is believed to unveil iPhone 6 models on September 9th.

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