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iPhone 6 with a wraparound display will revitalize Apple’s smartphone business

Commercialization of flexible displays will happen eventually, and Apple will want to mine the ores and promote the jewelries before competitors find better and cheaper alternatives.  It doesn't seem like 2013 will be the year, but we're hoping mainstream flexible displays will reinvigorate the smartphone industry in 2014.

Smartphone users are dying for something refreshing now that the marketplace is flooded with finely crafted handsets of all shapes and sizes.  Samsung and HTC recently launched some very compelling products that are on par with each other in terms of specs and performance, but the problem is that they’re all essentially the same when the fancy design elements are stripped away.

While analysts are expecting smartwatches to be the next wave of trendy consumer tech, don’t forget that smartphones can, too, evolve to maintain relevancy (think of the television).  The evolution process of smartphone, like the introduction of a legitimate smartwatch, will involve the use of flexible displays.  Samsung is perhaps the most publicized company when it comes to flexible display tech, but many other firms  are also working on their own design.

Apple’s recent patent filing regarding an iPhone that utilizes a wraparound display is a strong indication that handset makers are scrambling to develop handsets that are truly “bezel-less.”  We will let your imagination conjure up the next wave of smartphone designs using flexible displays.  If for some reason you can’t visualize such a thing, here’s a fan concept video of what the iPhone 6 should look like: 

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