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iPhone 6 will reportedly be called ‘iPhone Air’

Apparently Apple is going to resurrect the “Air” moniker it attached with the new iPad for the next generation iPhone.


The iPad Apple released late last year is technically the fifth generation iPad, and it rumors the tablet was almost always referred to as the iPad 5. People believed that that’s what the company would end up calling it, but it didn’t. Instead it dropped the iPad Air on us, primarily because of the fact that the new tablet is thinner and somewhat lighter than its predecessors. That’s what the next generation iPhone is also expected to be, so should Apple call it the iPhone Air?

That’s what the folks at ET News seem to believe, citing a source who tells them that the next iPhone will be significantly thinner than the iPhone 5S at 6mm as opposed to 7.6mm. Though the same source claims iPhone Air will be heavier than its predecessors, and will sport a metal build as well. Design is said to be similar to the iPhone 5S, though it is believed to be larger, given that the next iPhone is expected to come with a larger display. The source doesn’t mention a possible display sizes, but recent rumors put it between 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch.

The iPhone Air is expected to be unveiled in September later this year. It is also claimed that $100 will be shaved off iPhone 5S’ price in May, no explanation has been offered but that could happen to drive sales of the new iPhone Phablet that Apple is rumored to unveil in May as well.

Source: ET News

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