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iPhone 6 sales may not be affected by display shortages

Analyst believes reports about iPhone 6 display shortages might not affect sales.

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There have been countless reports recently about a purported display shortage for the iPhone 6. If the company’s manufacturers don’t receive units when its supposed to built the units there can be a strain on supplies once the iPhone 6 is finally released next month. Rod Hall, a JP Morgan analyst, doesn’t believe that there are any display issues, and even if there are, Hall believes that they won’t do much to compromise supplies once the smartphone launches.

Hall calls such reports “late-in-the-game,” which is true since it become a yearly tradition for rumors to come up about purported production issues with new Apple devices. Usually such reports are not accompanied by any proof so it becomes hard to verify their claims particularly because Apple doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.

Hall doesn’t believe that these issues will affect iPhone 6 sales. Even if there are legitimate issues with the display panels the analyst is of the view that the most that can result into is a supply constraint at launch. But then its not unusual to see supplies being constrained whenever new iPhones are launched, they tend to sell like hot cakes.

Apparently the issue with these display panels has something to do with the backlight technology and might be due to the malfunctioning of a key component. As previously mentioned there has been no independent verification of these claims and Apple is keeping mum as always.

Source: AppleInsider

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