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iPhone 6 sales keep eclipsing 6 Plus, supply and demand not evened out yet

Apple’s thriving financial prosperity is glaring from a couple of new reports summing up iPhone 6/6 Plus supply ratios and popularity, as well as a fresh exalted statement issued by Tim Cook in regards to flourishing demand.

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus

It’s no big secret finding a balance between supply and demand for the overgrown, bendy iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has proven quite the challenge for Apple. And now the tech giant’s CEO reiterates his working bees simply can’t produce enough iGear to go around.

In the pompous words of Tim Cook, “we’re not nearly balanced, we’re not close, we’re not on the same planet”. Not on the same planet? Then how come we’re not seeing more retailers complaining of low inventory, or longer waiting times listed on Apple Stores?

Clearly, Cook is exaggerating a bit, although in some markets, it’s true Apple had to fine-tune supply ratio to handle an unexpectedly high interest in the larger 5.5-inch new iPhone model. China is the most prominent of these countries, and according to Digitimes, a second rate tweak is needed.

iPhone 6 Plus

Namely, the Taiwanese publication says, Cupertino first stocked Chinese retail locations with 70 percent iPhone 6 models, and 30 of the 6 Plus, shifting the split to 65:35 and, soon enough, 55:45. Of course, Apple has to crank up 6 Plus manufacturing to hit those numbers, and leave component shortages behind.

Another reason Tim Cook & co. may want to adjust supply to better meet iPhone 6 Plus demand is that, according to analytics platform Localytics, the 5.5 incher is exceeding the 4.7 incher in user engagement.


Thus far, the bigger, badder iPhone is not a match for little bro in sales, notching one unit shipped for every six 4.7-inch iPhones ordered, but in app launches and in-use session duration, it’s the 5.5 incher that comes out on top.

Obviously, we should interpret this as a sign of what’s to come, with more and more iFans likely picking the Plus over the standard iPhone 6. Now let’s just hope Apple can bring supply and demand “on the same planet” ASAP.

Sources: Apple Insider, Localytics, Digitimes

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