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iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 to feature a bezel-free screen

The next-generation iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 are set to feature zero-bezel screens, in addition to finger scanners that are embedded into the corners of the screen.


Both Apple and Samsung are said to be considering bezel-free edge-to-edge displays for the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5.

It is believed that Samsung will get the headstart, as it is set to unveil the Galaxy S5 later this month at the Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy S5 is also rumored to ditch the home button altogether, which will be a first. In addition, the device is said to feature an embedded fingerprint scanner on the left and right corners of the screen.

Apple is also said to be working on a similar embedded scanner in lieu of the Touch ID sensor. An industry source said the goal for these organizations is to offer a mobile device with finger scanning technology that can be used from anywhere on the screen, but that there are technological hurdles to overcome. “Scanning fingerprints on the entire screen, which was much talked about recently, will be available in the latter half of this year as there are still technological hurdles to overcome.”

Samsung is allegedly working on a new display technology that allows the manufacturer to entirely eliminate two layers that are used in normal screens. It is believed that this is the secret to a bezel-free screen. Such a panel would not only be slim, but also enhance viewing angles, will be more energy efficient, and will allow users to interact with the screen even with gloves on.

While Samsung is said to be hard at work creating a bezel-free screen since 2012, there has been no concrete claims about such a screen making its way onto the Galaxy S5. The device set for an official unveil later this month, by which time we would have more information.

Source: Korea Herald

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