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iPhone 6 display may not replace Gorilla Glass with sapphire

So far many rumors have suggested that Apple will use sapphire instead of Gorilla Glass in its next generation iPhone.


Late last month it was rumored that Foxconn has already produced 100 prototype units of the iPhone 6 with sapphire screen, but so far no images have leaked. Despite the fact that there’s still a lot of time remaining until Apple is due to release the next generation iPhone, rumors about the device continue to come in almost on a daily basis. Sapphire is already used in the fingerprint sensor as well as the camera lens on the iPhone, but it is now being consistently rumored that Apple is going to increase the use of this material in the iPhone 6.

Apparently Apple is going to stick with Gorilla Glass and will not be making the switch to sapphire as rumored. The main reason behind this move is believed to be cost, it seems like the cost of shifting the iPhone 6 to a sapphire screen will result in an increase in the retail price, which is something that Apple doesn’t apparently want to do.

Even though it is now being said that iPhone won’t have a sapphire screen, recent chatter from the supply chain hints that the iWatch will use this material in the display, Apple reportedly doesn’t have cost concerns as far as its rumored smartwatch is concerned.

Source: AppleInsider

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