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iPhone 6 camera might feature optical image stabilization

The upcoming iPhone is expected to offer better camera performance that would be at par with its rivals.


It goes without saying that Apple has never actually cared about touting the the most number of megapixels in its smartphones. The company has always focused on using better lenses and improving image processing, why is why its smartphones offer great camera performance that gives its rivals a run for their money. Most major flagships from other manufacturers touted at least 13 megapixel cameras, while Apple’s iPhone 5S was launched with an 8 megapixel camera aided by advanced optics.

One crucial feature is missing though on the iPhone, and that’s optical image stabilization. The feature helps improve camera performance, allows for better low-light imaging and stabilizes the image so that its not shaky or jittery. This works out great for photographers capturing action shots or for those who simply don’t have very steady hands. A new patent application has been discovered which confirms that Apple has been working on optical image stabilization since at least 2012. The VCM OIS actuator module patent details a method where voice coil motor actuators are used to let the camera lens move around the optical axis, not only does this provide better auto-focus, but it also stabilizes the image.

While its not unusual for patented technologies to never see the light of day, its highly likely that the company will incorporate optical image stabilization in its next flagship smartphone. Its the next logical step to take in order to greatly improve camera performance, and its no secret just how important that is for majority of iPhone owners.

Source: Unwiredview

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