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iPhone 5S shipping time down to 3-5 days in the U.S.

Almost two months after its launch, the iPhone 5S shipping time is finally improving in the U.S., it is now down to 3-5 business days.

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Apple launched the iPhone 5S back in September alongside the iPhone 5C. Whereas the latter has been struggling in the market, Apple’s premium smartphone has struck gold. Even in emerging markets where it was expected that the iPhone 5C will perform well, the iPhone 5S has outsold the cheaper smartphone by a substantial margin. This obviously means that demand for this particular iPhone has been very strong and Apple has been working very hard to meet it.

While there have been many of rumors of Apple cutting down iPhone 5C production due to weak demand, it has also been rumored multiple times that Apple has increased production of the iPhone 5S owing to the consistent demand. According to one recent report, Foxconn has stopped making the iPhone 5C at one of its factories in China and has shifted the manufacturing capacity to produce more iPhone 5S units.

The improvement in iPhone 5S shipping time comes at a crucial time. WIth the holiday shopping season just around the corner, a season where sales are likely to receive a substantial boost, it would only serve Apple’s interests if it were able to put as many iPhone 5S units in the hands of customers as it can.

Source: Apple Store

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