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iPhone 5S dominated U.S. iPhone sales in the previous quarter

Apple’s existing flagship lead iPhone sales in the U.S. in quarter that ended December 2013.


The market seems to prefer Apple’s 2013 flagship, iPhone 5S. There have already been multiple reports that the iPhone 5S has outsold its plastic sibling, iPhone 5C, even in emerging markets where the latter was supposed to gain much better traction. Customers seem to be attracted towards the premium build and extra punch that the iPhone 5S offers, and this trend is also seen in the U.S. market. A new report by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that in the last quarter, the iPhone 5S generated 59 percent of all Apple smartphone sales in the U.S.

iPhone 5C, which actually performed much better on home turf than in other markets, accounted for only 27 percent of all sales. iPhone 4S generated 14 percent of the Apple smartphone sales in the quarter that ended in December 2013. When compared back to the same time in 2012, the iPhone 5S trumps the iPhone 5’s performance. The latter accounted for 50 percent of all sales back then, with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 clinching 32 percent and 18 percent.

The folks at CIRP also note that the market seems to be shifting towards iPhones that offer greater onboard storage. They found that models with greater storage capacity sold better. Could this trend entice Apple to start offering the iPhone in 128GB flavor as well? Time will tell.

Source: CNET

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