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iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 reportedly delayed, to see an October release instead

iPhone 5S

New reports suggest that the Apple iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 may have been delayed to the end of the year due to shortage of Retina qualified displays.

It looks like back-to-school season will have to make do without a new iPhone this year as the Cupertino company is facing a shortage in Retina displays. Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung claims that production nightmares related to the display might be the reason behind a whole one-quarter delay in Apple’s 2013 flagship Smartphone.

Apple 2013 mobile devices

If you thought that the bad news ended there, think again. The reported Retina display shortage issue not only affects the iPhone 5S, but also the upcoming iPad Mini 2. Apple is rumored to fit the new iPad Mini with specifications that make it worthy of being called a premium product in 2013, namely a retina display, quad-core processor and the works (iOS 7).

iPad Mini 2

Thankfully, none of these reports (if true) can change the fact that Apple will showcase their revamped iOS 7 mobile operating system, WDDC is just round the block. Let’s hope that the budget friendly iPhone mini that Apple is rumored to be working on doesn’t face a slip-up as well.

Source: Barron’s via Brief Mobile

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