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iPhone 5C cases have already become available on Amazon

Apple has made no announcement of its rumored budget iPhone, but cases for this device have already appeared for sale on Amazon. They even list “iPhone 5C” in their names.


We first heard of the iPhone 5C a few days ago, when a bin full of product packaging for this device was pictured in China. That picture lead many to believe that perhaps Apple has decided to call the budget iPhone, iPhone 5C. Whereas quite a lot of people believe that we might have seen packaging for a fake iPhone in that particular picture. These cases that are now available for sale certainly seem to believe the iPhone 5C moniker, and have used it to promote their own products.

Case manufacturers have a history of jumping in the gun. We’ve seen them making cases based on rumors in the past as well, rumors which don’t always turn out to be true. These cases are called Elago S5C Slim Fit for iPhone 5S, the supplier says that these cases will be available in stock towards the end of August. They are available in black, navy and white colors.

Recent rumors have suggested that initial production of the budget iPhone has already begun. September is thought to be the month in which Apple will finally make the announcement regarding its iPhone plans. Let’s wait and watch.

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