Apple has expanded the availability of the new entry-level iPhone 5c model to a handful of European markets.


Introduced to drive sales of the not-so-popular iPhone 5c, the 8GB model has been available in Australia, France, Germany, and China for more than a month. Now, it is making its way to more countries in Europe, and is now available in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain, and Norway as well. That’s a total of 11 new countries where the cheapest 5c model is on sale, and availability should expand further in the weeks to come.

Pricing of the 8GB iPhone 5c varies from region to region, but it offers a saving of 50 Euro over the 16GB model in most. However, the device continues to be a rather poor option, as 8GB of storage would fall short pretty quickly, especially if users have a lot of apps and media content on their device. Even software updates require a substantial amount of free storage, making the 8GB model suitable only for those that are on an extremely tight budget but don’t wish to settle for the older iPhone 4s.

Via: 9to5Mac