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iPhone 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Smartphone

A new survey hints that Apple's newest smartphone may be even more successful than the iPhone 4S, widely regarded as the most successful smartphone launch in history.

Samsung’s executives are extremely happy with their sales figures; reports indicate that the Galaxy S III has already sold 10 million units. According to a new survey, however, it’s the iPhone 5 that people are most anticipating. Demand for the iPhone 5 is “strikingly higher” than for any other iPhone and Apple should get the most revenue from a massive uptick in smartphone sales this fall.

The survey looked at the current demand for the iPhone 4S among 4,042 North American consumers and found that Samsung is showing major momentum, largely due to the new Galaxy S III. The South Korean company saw a four-fold increase in planned buying over the past 3 quarters, which is an astonishing rate of growth. The survey showed, however, that Apple had grown even more since March; Samsung only showed a 6% increase over these four months, from 3% to 9% of respondents saying that they are at least “somewhat likely” to purchase a Galaxy S III. Apple, on the other hand, increased from 21.5% of respondents in March saying the same thing for the iPhone 4S to 31% saying it for the iPhone 5, which paints a very good picture for Apple considering that the iPhone 4S is currently considered the most successful smartphone release in history.

Samsung may have the spotlight now, but it appears that their days of being on the top are numbered as Apple prepares to release its newest, and probably most successful, phone yet.

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