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iPhone 4 production reportedly resumed for emerging markets

Rumor has it that Apple has once again started producing one of its most successful iPhones just to regain share in emerging markets.


Consumer trends have radically shifted over the past couple of years, the shift is quite evident particularly in emerging markets, where customers now opt for low-end or mid-range Android phones produced by a plethora of OEMs. This has happened at the cost of previous market leaders, such as the iPhone, as demand for second-hand or even outdated models has decline. In a bid to regain lost market share, Apple has reportedly started iPhone 4 production, the units will only be destined for India, Brazil and Indonesia.

The Economic Times claims to have heard from three senior executives that have “direct knowledge” of Apple’s plans. It is believed that by pumping more iPhone 4 units in these markets, Apple will be able to compete better with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Grand and S4 mini. Since the iPhone 4 will be very competitively priced, customers will be enticed to turn towards it and not for a mid-range Android phone, at least that’s what the plan seems to be. The executives also claim that production is already underway at Foxconn in China. This may be the very first time that Apple restarts production of a discontinued phone, so its best to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Apple has shifted its strategy a bit in India over the past few months, relaunching the iPhone 4 at a fairly competitive price there, but it didn’t have to get new units manufactured, apparently the company was bringing in unsold inventory from around the world and selling it in India. No confirmation from Apple on this report as yet.

Source: Economic Times

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