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iPhone 4 64GB found in Hong Kong?

While we are unsure if Apple did actually made a iPhone 4 with 64 GB capacity, this has started to pop up in one of the grey market in Hong Kong in limited quantity, according to the seller.

TAccording to a Hong Kong site, this suspicious variant of the iPhone 4 was first discovered in Sin Tak, one of the biggest grey market in Hong Kong. The seller claims that these are engineered models and are only available in small quantities.

On the back of the phone, it states iPhone XXGB, which some might find familiar. Leaked prototype which Gizmodo bought, ring any bells? Furthermore, besides stating 64GB in the screen under capacity, the model is 995-6049LL.

So is this really a leaked prototype from Apple? If it is, is Apple venturing into 64GB iPhones for future models?

Source: Unwire.hk


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