As more and more leaks and rumors begin to accumulate, the reality that Apple is indeed working on and will release an iPad mini becomes more concrete.  Many people speculate that Apple did not make an announcement regarding its 7-incher during the extremely hyped iPhone 5 press event was because the mini would’ve taken some of the focus away from the latest Apple smartphone.

Now that the world knows all about the iPhone 5, let’s get back to Apple’s rumored iPad mini.  As we have already reported in a previous article, the mini may not come with a rear camera nor can people expect it to have a cellular chip.  But some recently leaked images of a supposed iPad mini reveal that it may come with a rear camera after all.  As for the cellular chip, there’s no way of knowing unless a clean picture of the internal organs becomes available. 

In a different image, we can see that the docking connector port has gotten smaller, meaning Apple will probably integrate the new Lightning connector once it’s all said and done. 

The iPhone 5 comes with an A6 CPU, which means that Apple may also slap the new chip onto the board.  However, it is also likely that Apple may opt to use the older A5 instead to cut down on production costs—if it is indeed intending to compete with budget slates like the Nexus 7 or Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Millions of people have already put in an order for an iPhone 5, so how much more success does the iPhone need until Apple announces the iPad mini?