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iPad launch expected to follow the iPhones on China Mobile

With the iPhones finally days away from being launched on China Mobile, it is expected that Apple might be able to get its iPads as well on the world’s largest mobile carrier.


It has already been rumored a lot of times this year that the iPhone is finally going to be launched on China Mobile. The carrier has never carried Apple’s smartphones before, it would be a first for the carrier. It has opted to launch both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C alongside its commercial 4G service on December 18, as confirmed by China’s state news agency. An analyst expects that after the smartphones are launched, it is possible that the company’s tablets might follow suit.

According to a recent prediction, the iPhone launch on China Mobile might add up to $10 billion in additional yearly revenue for Apple. The prediction is based on a relatively modest penetration of China Mobile’s more than 750 million subscribers. In the first year alone, Apple is expected to sell as many as 20 million iPhones on the carrier. If the company is able to get its iPads on the network as well, it would be able to generate even more revenue, which would obviously play in its favor.

Deutsche Bank’s analyst Chris Whitmore makes this prediction, saying that its “a logical next step” following the launch of iPhones on China Mobile. Both Apple or China Mobile haven’t disclosed their intentions of launching the tablet any time soon, so one can only wait and see if they do believe that bringing the tablets over is indeed the next logical step.

Source: TabTimes

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