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iPad that exploded in Australia wasn’t the iPad Air, Vodafone confirms

Last week it was reported that an iPad Air had exploded at a Vodafone store down in Australia, contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Apple’s new tablet.


The unit that suddenly caught fire was actually a demo unit at a Vodafone retail store in Canberra, Australia. Demo units are always plugged in and are open for anyone and everyone to use. As the demo iPad unit caught fire, the store was evacuated though no loss or injury were reported. Firefighters discovered that the sparks were coming from the unit’s charging port, so its possible that the flames might have something to do with a malfunctioning battery. The incident quickly came into the spotlight and most people start assuming that it was the iPad Air that was on display.

Though the fact is that it wasn’t. Vodafone has officially confirmed that it was “an earlier generation iPad model with Retina display,” and not the one that Apple has launched recently, which would be the iPad Air. The carrier also added that Apple is investigating the issue and that it has taken away the faulty unit for further inspection. Nothing else about the incident or what might have caused the iPad to burst into flames has been said.

This is going to come as a relief to all those prospective iPad Air customers who were bothered by the initial misreporting. No, the iPad Air does not have a penchant for catching fire out of the blue. Though if you’re going to purchase the tablet, I’d recommend investing in a good case.

Source: Electronista

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