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iPad craze is on its way out as Apple loses nearly 20% of its tablet market share

The world is hungering for cheaper iPad alternatives, and OEMs in the Android ecosystem are responding by delivering not only well designed products but also very affordable.  Estimates released by the IDC is confirming that the iPad craze is perhaps on its way out as people begin to realize Android tablets are just as competitive in functionalities.

As of the Q1 of 2013, Android tablet took the number one spot with 56.5 percent of the market share, while iOS came in second with 39.6 percent.  Microsoft’s Windows and Windows RT also experienced growth as it increased over 2 percent from Q1 of 2012.

In terms of a single company dominating the tablet space, the crown still belongs to Apple as tech juggernauts such as Samsung, Asus, and Google are still very behind.  Samsung, Apple’s arch nemesis across the Pacific, account for 17.9 percent of the tablet market share as of Q1 2013.  The gap between Apple and its competitor widens even further when we take a look at companies such as Asus, which accounts for 5.5 percent and Amazon with only 3.7 percent.

While many Android tablet makers are experiencing tremendous growth (some essentially doubling in market share), Apple has lost a significant amount of market shares.  IDC stats estimate that Apple lost nearly 20 percent of its market share since Q1 last year, dipping from 58.1 percent in Q1 2012 to 39.6 percent in Q1 2013.  Despite having launched the “budget-friendly” iPad Mini, the Cupertino-based Apple is still not gaining much loyalty from frugal consumers.

Furthermore, Apple may also step away from the tablet game to invest in other areas of the consumer tech world.  Rumor has it that the fruity company is currently employing 100+ developers and designers to work on a supposed “iWatch” which will change up the smartphone race altogether.  Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated in a recent investor call that the company does not intend to launch any new hardware until Q4 2013, and that consumers should prepare themselves for some “amazing” new products.  

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