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iPad 5 rear shell spotted online

French site Nowhereelse.fr has posted images of what could be the rear shell of the next-generation iPad. The images seemingly confirm the rumors that the iPad 5 will indeed be styled similar to the iPad mini.



Pictures of the iPad 5 have been leaked as far back as January, and inside sources have commented that the tablet might feature a touch panel technology that is similar to the current generation iPad mini which should lead to a reduction in the size and weight of the device. According to IHS iSuppli, the iPad mini uses a film-based touch panel which is thinner and lighter than the glass-based touch panel that the current full-size iPad uses.It looks like Apple is set to incorporate the same technology in the iPad 5 as well.  From the images above, it does look like the iPad 5 will be much thinner than the current generation iPad.

Coming over to the iPad mini, it has been rumored that this year’s refresh will bring forth a Retina display to counter the likes of the Nexus 7 2013. The iPad mini is also alleged to feature an embedded black Apple logo, which is a change from the current iPad mini that comes with a printed mirrored logo.

Analysts are predicting an October launch for the iPad 5 while the iPad mini might be launched a month later.


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