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iPad 5 rear shell allegedly leaked

Pictures of an allegedly leaked rear shell of the iPad 5 have surfaced online. It is believed that Apple will unveil the fifth generation iPad in the next couple of months.


A few months ago Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s new devices will not be released before September. We’re only a month away and there are already a lot of rumors circulating about what devices Apple has up its sleeve. There’s particular interest around the fifth generation iPad, many believe that it will now come with design changes, seeing as how Apple has not changed the design of its 9.7 inch tablet ever since iPad 2 was released back in 2011.


These photos were originally posted online by the folks at FanaticFone, who claim to have received two “unreleased iPad 5 rear housings” from their sources. According to them, the alleged iPad 5 rear shell is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. The dimensions of this shell are said to be 24 centimeters by 16.8 centimeters, a little bit shorter than the iPad 4’s rear shell which is 24 centimeters by 18.6 centimeters. The bezel is apparently thinner that that of fourth generation iPad, now measuring only 3mm. It has been rumored that Apple is likely to trim the bezel on fifth generation iPad so as to make its design more consistent with the iPad mini.


Apple is rumored to release new models of both the iPad mini and iPad in September. It remains to be seen exactly when it does that. Since these pictures come from an unofficial source, its best not to form a notion that what you see here is actually the iPad 5’s rear shell.

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