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iPad 5 & iPhone 5C side-by-side with current-gen [video]

When pictures aren’t enough to prove that Apple will out the purported iPhone “5C” and a refreshed iPad, perhaps some videos of the hardware will be more convincing.

As noted by prior reports from our site as well as others, the refreshed 5th generation iPad is expected to do away with the current design in favor of a design that is similar to the iPad mini’s.  Whether or not we’ll get a bigger display size from the design switch-up remains to be seen, but what we’re quite sure of about, at this moment, is that there will be less bezel to deal with.

The iPhone “5C” as it’s being called (or budget iPhone) will also deviate away from Apple’s conventional two color scheme (black or white), and many are expecting the plastic iPhone to come in a variety of colors.  In the side-by-side comparison video of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C, we can see that the two handsets are similar in design, with the main difference being one having an aluminum (“premium” feel) encasement and the other with a plastic (“cheaper”) shell.


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