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iOS to get Instant Preview search results, courtesy of Google

The current relationship between Apple and Google may be as rosy as a wilted flower thanks to the ongoing spat between the two tech giants, but that has not stopped Google from playing nice on the iOS platform once in awhile. Apparently, the Instant Preview feature that many have come to take for granted on their desktop and notebook browsers is finally making its way to iOS's Safari.

Most people will probably have different habits and preferences when it comes to surfing the web for information. However, the one thing which all Internet users have in common is that the use of a search engine is integral to finding the right kind of information for the required task, and needless to say this is one area which Google has consistently outperformed the competition. After all, a huge database of information and speedy, relevant search results are things which people cannot do without, especially in today's digital age.

And with the market slowly but surely moving away from desk-bound Internet surfing on a desktop-grade operating system, it goes without saying that even a search giant like Google needs to adapt to the trend in order to remain relevant in the mobile age. And this adaptation comes in the form of its desktop-based Instant Preview feature being ported over to Apple's iOS platform, as shown below.

For those who are unaware, Google Instant Preview is a feature currently exclusive to desktop and notebook-grade web-browsers, although that situation is about to change very soon. When Google Instant Preview is active on a compatible browser, users can simply mouseover their current search results to throw up a small preview of the website with the relevant details highlighted, as shown in the screenshot below.

However, that does not mean that iOS users can simply fire up their built-in Safari browser and expect to make use of the feature as though it was always there to begin with. This is because 9to5Mac has confirmed that Instant Preview is still currently under a 'limited rollout' distribution model, which suggests that Google intends to test out the feature's compatibility on a small set of iOS devices before officially releasing out for consumer usage.

More importantly, the fact that the search giant has made no official announcement or denial about porting the Instant Preview feature over to iOS yet, so users will probably have to sit and wait until Google decides that the time is right for iOS users to make use of its features. Of course, with Apple's and Google's relationship currently at such a state, we really won't be surprised if Android gets Instant Preview before iOS users do.

Source: 9to5Mac

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